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Racing events are known for its high energy and spirits, which makes it such a favorite sport in the whole of USA. The first-ever American automobile race to be conducted was the Chicago Times-Herald race on the 28th of November, 1895. From then on there have been several automobile races conducted all over the world which are hugely popular and attended by several race enthusiasts. If you are a passionate driver who wants to sharpen their driving skills and make a lasting impression at any of the upcoming racing event, then do check this article out events happen all around the year and if you are keen on participating or visiting these racing events, then make sure you check out the below given list of upcoming events in USA.

1. Solo II

Solo II is an autocross competition

Solo II is an autocross competition, which is scheduled on the following dates. November 11 and 12 and December 2 and 3 of 2017. These events test the driver’s driving skills along with their car handling abilities. CSCC Solo, is a solo events organization which has been in existence since 1985. This organization is responsible for putting up these solo autocross events in Los Angeles. This racing event is a bit different from others, and focusses more on how a person handles the car, than on their speed and timing. To participate in this autocross competition, you would have to register yourself in the Cal Club Autocross forum along with completing the pre-registration online. Participants need not necessarily bring a sports car and can race in any car, which meets the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) rulebook’s safety requirements. For more participation details, check out this website Solo II is an autocross competition

2. 2017 Ford EcoBoost 300

Scheduled on the 18th of November 2017

Scheduled on the 18th of November 2017, this event is the last of the XFINITY Series and will be conducted at the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The series is widely popular and has seen top drivers battle it out for the series championship. Booking tickets is no longer a hassle thanks to website platforms, which are easy and convenient to use and missing an important race due to lack of tickets is no longer the case.

3. Miami Exotic Auto Racing

Miami Exotic Auto Racing provides a rare opportunity to amateur racers

Miami Exotic Auto Racing provides a rare opportunity to amateur racers, to drive the world’s most exotic cars. The race is scheduled on the 16th of December 2017, where participants will receive expert guidelines and suggestions from professional race car drivers who have more than 20 years of experience in professional race car driving. You can also check out these comprehensive racing tips, which will help you drive better. 

4. Performance Driving Group

Ever wanted to race cars

Ever wanted to race cars, without the fear of crossing the speed limit? Here’s the perfect opportunity for you in the form of Performance Driving Group, which provides high performance driver education, where drivers get a golden opportunity to bring their cars and race it out at the several tracks of Florida. Apart from this, the drivers also have the opportunity to drive at a high speed legally and within a controlled and a predictable environment. Scheduled on the 17th of December 2017, this race is sure not to be missed.

5. Advance Auto Parts Clash  

The 2018 NASCAR season indeed kicks off

The 2018 NASCAR season indeed kicks off in style with the Advance Auto Parts Clash, which is scheduled on the 11th of February 2018. This race is sure a treat to watch with the amazing seats, buzzing fan zones and other major points of interest, which will make you book the tickets right away.

6. BMW Endurance Challenge

This serves as the opening race for the IMSA Continental

This serves as the opening race for the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge and is scheduled on the 26th of January 2018. A four hour endurance race filled with tightly packed action and energy is what you are going to witness in this unique endurance challenge. Checked your calendar? Decided on which date to go? Then, wait no more and quickly book the ticket to your dream racing event.

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